Staunton Harold


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  Evensong  Staunton Harold

Church (services)

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    Ferrer's Chapel

Behind Staunton Harold Hall

LE65 1RU

N52.7850 W1.4418 187839
Winter Evensong
Evensong Winter Evensong
Photo: Carol Applegate
Lilliput Lane's "Evensong" & "Winter Evensong" are based on Ferrer's Chapel behind Staunton Harold Hall LE65 1RU   [IoE 187839
One of the few churches built between the Civil War and Restoration (1653)





  Gateway to Garden [IoE 187844]
Inscription over door teads:

"In the year 1653 when all things sacred were throughout ye nation either demolisht or profaned Sir Robert Shirley Baronet, founded this church, whose singular praise it is to have done ye best things in ye worst times and hoped them in the most calamitous. The righteous shall be had in everlasting remembrance."

Sign showing how to go from the main car park A glimpse of the church can be seen from the path
Map showing how to gte to church and which areas are private Staunton Harold Hall (private) [IoE 187841]
The Golden Gates & Bridge [IoE 187845]
View of the lake  
The stable block [IoE 187843]  now houses the Ferrers Centre for Arts & Crafts   History
Various workshops and shops surround the courtyard A cottage on the estate

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