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Lilliput Lane Models in Indiana.

The artist who created them, Ray Day, was born in New Albany, Indiana

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref Dates Actual Location Grid Reference
Country Church   

No longer exists

nr. Shelbyville

Country Fresh Pickins    Highway 335 (Southern)   897      
Covered Memories    Beanblossom       Beanblossom Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge Road

Daydreams   Rush County   L2146      
Home of the Brave   New Albany          
Hometown Depot    No longer exists

New Albany


Hook, Line & Sinker   No longer exists

Southern Indiana

I Pledge Allegiance   Elkhart County (rural)          
Mail Pouch Barn    Hendricks County          
Milk for Mom and A Coke For Me   New Albany n/a  .   L2166  
Nothing Runs Like A Deere   Rural SW   L2216      
Oh By Gosh, By Golly    Jefferon (former train station)          
Pepsi Cola Barn    Nth of Madison          
Pioneer Barn    Borden          
Riverside Chapel    nr Corydon       Blue River Chapel  
Roadside Coolers    Huron          
Saturday Night Jive    No longer exists

New Albany

See the USA (Chevrolet)   New Albany          
Simply Amish    No longer exists

Harrison County

Spring Has Sprung   Rural Central   L2071      
This Bud's For You    New Albany   L2217      
To Grandmothers House We Go    Corydon          
Trust Your Car To Be Star    Milltown   L2218      
Victorian Elegance    Jeffersonville   L2153   The Howard Steamboat Museum
1101 E. Market Street
Watson's Collectibles               
When I Was Your Age   Beanblossom   L2286      
Winnies Place               

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