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Lilliput Lane Models in Suffolk

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Picture of Model Name Originals Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
Birthday Cottage Lowestoft Private Dwelling L2328 Jan 00 Belle Vue Cottage in Belle Vue Park N52.487 E1.7551  
Sep 02
Candy Twist Huntingfield Private Dwelling    

Old School House

The Causeway, IP19 0PR

[opposite the church]

N52.3170 E1.4250 286106
Cherry Blossom Cottage Barton Mills Private Dwelling 777 Feb 95

St Pirans,

Newmarket Road

N52.3328 E0.5217 .
Sep 97
Cherry Cottage Wickhambrook Private Dwelling . Jul 90 2 Cutbush Cottage
N52.1683 E0.5529 N/L
Sep 95
Christmas Cake Framlingham Private Dwelling . Jan 01

Dec 01

7 Church Street

(Opposite St Michael's Church)

N52.2222 E1.3452 286328
CIare Cottage .. Clare Private Dwelling . Feb 85

15 Bridewell Street [west side]

CO10 8QD 

N52.0829 E0.5818 .
Jul 93
Clockmakers Cottage Hengrave Private Dwelling . Oct 87

Lodge to Hengrave Hall

A1101 on left going towards Mildenhall

N52.2856 E0.6747 283763
Dec 90
Cotman Cottage .


Hoxne Private Dwelling . Aug 96 Hollydean,


IP21 5AN

Opposite St Edmunds (vilage) Hall next to Goldbrook Bridge on road to Cross Street

N52.3474 E1.1997 281019
Dec 96
Cotman Cottage Plate 997 Jan 96
Mar 96
Dream Catchers Creeting St Mary Private Dwelling L2439 Apr 01

Dec 01

Meadow Cottage on All Saints Road N52.170 E1.0738 279302
Flatford Lock Flatford Exhibition on John Constable L2232 Jan 99

Bridge Cottage


N51.9586 E1.0218 278715


Sep 00
Friends Forever Dalham Private Dwelling L2600 Jan 03

Sep 04

30 High Street
N52.2286 E0.5211 275595


Fruits of the Land

Hitcham Private Dwelling   Jan 09

Oak Cottage,



N52.1404 E0.9014 276554
Golden Years .


. L2048 Jan 97 . . .
Mar 01
Hidden Treasures Lavenham Shop   Jun 16

Timbers Antiques

10-13 High Street

CO10 9PY

N52.1086 E0.7951 276703 


House in the Clouds

Aldringham Cum Thorpe



Jan 13 House in the Clouds

IP16 4NQ

N52.1818, E1.6095

402842   BLB
Ice'n'Easy Orford Private Dwelling L2777 Jan 04

Sep 05

The Thatched Cottage

Rectory Lane

IP12 2NN

N52.0964 E1.5366 .
Kentish Cottage (PYO) .. In Suffolk not Kent . . . . . .
Lavender Lane Raydon

(Not Alpheton)

Private Dwelling L2243 Jan 99


The Street (east side)

N52.0027 E0.9894 277278
Mar 01
. Little Lupins . Not Bridge Street but Needham Norfolk . .   . . .
Mayflower House Lavenham Museum . Apr 89

Dec 90

Little Hall

Market Place  north east side

N52.1090 E0.7971 276762
Mother Of Pearl . Chelsworth Private Dwelling L2443 Jun 01

36 AND 38 The Street (north side just west of Peacock Inn)

N52.0937 E0.8892 276376
Mar 03
Nursery Cottage Lamarsh

Essex not Suffolk

The Nutshell Bury St Edmunds Pub . Jun 09

The Nutshell Public House,

17 The Traverse

IP33 1BJ

N52.2447 E0.7127 467592
Pargetters Retreat LL11_close_up.jpg (8890 bytes) Clare Museum   Feb 88 Clare Ancient House Museum. Next to Clare Church N52.07890  E0.58074 282992
Dec 90
Parsons_Retreat_small.jpg (1998 bytes) Parson's Retreat LL11_close_up.jpg (8890 bytes) Clare Museum L2138 Jan 98 Clare Ancient House Museum. Next to Clare Church N52.07890 E 0.58074 282992
Mar 00
Pepper Mill Cottage Somerleyton Private Dwelling L2330 Jan 00 1 The Street SW corner of village green N52.5176 E1.66166 282421
Mar 03
Puddle Duck Kersey Private Dwelling L2136 Jan 98 Priory Holme, at the top of The Street N52.0610 E0.9152 276618
Mar 00
PYO 1993 . Higham Private Dwelling     Stratford St Mary

The Old Cottage

Lower Street  

(south side to east of bridge)

N51.9808 E0.9586 277253
Rustic Charm Sudbourne Private Dwelling     Rustic Lodge

 IP12 2AP

N52.1164 E15100  
Saxham St Edmunds . . . . Jul 91 . . .
Dec 94
School Friends    Brent Eleigh Village Hall L2838 Jan 05 Village Hall on The Street N52.0952 E0.8349 .
Smokey House

Near Sudbourne



Jun 13

On the B1084

 N52.1158 E1.516

St Stephens Church Higham

[nr Bury St E]

Church 849 Jan 96 St Stephen's Church

On East side of Burgate Road

N52.2582 E0.5590 275779
Dec 96
Suffolk Cottage (PYO) . In Kent not Suffolk            
Sugar Mouse . Easton Private Dwelling L2977 Jan 06 The Round Cottage
Framlingham Road

IP13 0EJ
N52.1808 E1.3332 285842
Tea Caddy Cottage Higham nr Hadliegh Private Dwelling 674 Feb 94

Tea Caddy Cottage

East [LH] going up hill from B1068 on Hadleigh Road

N51.9877 E0.9576 277245
Sep 98
Teapot Cottage  Framlingham Very Private Dwelling L2993 Jan 07



N52.2194 E1.3414


Village Green (flat) Cavendish Open space includes Cavendish Church   Jun 04 Village Green N52.087 E0.6329  
Walnut Tree Gt Waldingfield, Private Dwelling . Jan 08

Walnut Tree Cottage

The Street

CO10 0TN

(by Church)

N52.0599 E0.7893 278021
Wash Day Hitcham Private Dwelling 866 Mar 96

Feb 97

Mill Cottage

The Causeway


N52.1253 E0.8981 276524


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