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St Oswald, Burneside Lilliput Lane's "St Nicholas" St Lawrence, Crosby Ravensworth  [IoE 74039]

Seems to have the right tower shape and placement, (Tower offset to nave) with decoration over the door and the left side piece the arched window with a round one above.



GW 1989: "The Good people .... from Crosby Ravensworth.... have made their way ... to their parish church of St Nicholas"

LL staff say : Near Penrith & Complete Collectors "is close to LL's Penrith studios". CR is 11 miles, Burneside is 22.

No dormer windows.


Against Tower is in line with nave.

No little tower spire on the model but could be mould difficulty or because it's "snowed".

Both models St Lawrence Jul 89 and St Nicholas Sep 89 were produced within 3 months of each other. Why  slightly different example of the same church (not just the snow)?

VM: We have checked our notes.  It doesn't actually exist, which I why there is no location given in the PG [Pocket Guide].  It is just a typical Cumbrian church.
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