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Model Original Notes on Location
Bay View


LL: "Burnham Mkt (nr)  overlooks Branchester Bay."

JRS "We drove along the coast road from Branchester to beyond Burnham Market on July 24. 2005. There were many buildings similar to this but we did not spot any with the extension and the rounded windows."

Jan Tarrant comments:

"Think it could be "made up". As some of the cottage notes show the very early models show scant resemblance to the "real" building.

We have found "similar houses" to Bayview....... in this area ... plain flint cottages with the curved brick work over the window.

[to left] two photos, Holkham and Moreton showing a curved porch.


"Deed" photo
Holkham Moreton
Photos above: Jan Tarrant
Boat Yard, The * LL: "Sitting beside the River Yare, the boat house's reed thatched roof with decorative ridge together with the 17th century cottage's pantile roof is typical of East Anglia."

Jan Tarrant/Claire Scott info:

It is believed this no longer exists but is based on an old picture.

Little All Saints
© Copyright Ashley Dace and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

St Gregory's Church, Heckingham

Norton Road,  NR14 6QT

IoE 227030  BLB


JRS original presumption was :
Hales  St Margaret
Church Lane  East of  A146, 
but having visited it is not right. I now think it's


Little Tea Caddy


Mother & Daughter 
Photo: Debbie Gill
"The Lodge", West Lodge to Roudham Hall

N52.4474 E0.8782

219873   BLB


Waterside Retreat


    Mike & Jan Tarrant identified:

Thorpe St Andrew,Norfolk

Boatyard Foreman's Cottage
Off Griffin Lane 


 IoE 432371 BLB


Photo & Notes


Added comments
I tried to visit on September 6, 2018. There is considerable work going on and access was through a building site. It seemed as though I would be offered appropriate clothing but the Broads Authority head office was not prepared to allow this without me applying for permission officially.

Alternatives I'm contemplating are a river boat or there seems to be a path on the south side of teh river. Not sure about access.



Photos left and above:
Hilary Armstrong


Photo right:
© Copyright Evelyn Simak and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence
The Wind & the Willows

© Copyright Renata Edge and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Photo: Ronald Kok

Stalham, Norfolk

Hunsett Windmill

Chapel Field

NR12 9EL

IoE 223693


"Get A head Hats" @ Chapelfield Farm

I tried to visit on September 6, 2018 and set off untill I came to a Private Road sign -- and was faced with a car coming the other way and a Refuse Truck. I shall look at hiring a boat in future



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