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This is a page of models which either have no location or the location is not currently known.

It is possible that the names are wrongly attributed to models defined elsewhere.

This site is a personal web site run by John Saville and is not endorsed by Enesco or the Lilliput Lane Collectors Club. All information is provided on a "best efforts" basis and no responsibility can be taken for lost time or finance if relied on.             Webmaster: john-saville@ntlworld.com
Picture of LL Model Name Original Town County Visit? LL Ref Actual Location Grid Reference
Arendelle Castle              
Away in a Manger   n/a  n/a         
'Bananas Are Back!'    n/a  n/a   . L2198    
 . Belgrave Walk    n/a  n/a   .  .    
Cobble Combe


Cosy Comer    n/a n/a  .  .    
Elsa's Castle              
Foxton Folk

(letter rack)

Fragrant Haven    n/a  n/a   . L2197    
Fruits Of Eden    n/a  n/a   . L22250    
"Full Steam Ahead" collection None specific None specific N/A . Jan 13 None specific  
 . Grosvenor Court    n/a  n/a   .  .    
Happy Campers              
Harbour Life              
Keeper's Lodge              
 . Little Lost Dog II    n/a  n/a   .  .    
Leonora's Secret              
Manor Garden   "does not exist at all" : LL          
Millennium Gate, The (LE 2,000)    n/a  n/a   . L2170    
Nature's Doorway    n/a  n/a   . L2251    
One Man Went to Mow (PYO)   Hambledon Hants or Surrey        
'Our First Telly'    n/a  n/a   . L2201    
Peaceful Pastimes    n/a  n/a   . L2194    
Pen Y Darren              
Picnic Paradise    n/a  n/a   . L2195    
 . Portland Street    n/a  n/a   .  .    
Royal Sovereign              
Scroll On The Wall    n/a  n/a   .  .    
Short Back And Sides?    n/a  n/a   . L2200    
 . Street Scenes Nos. 1 - 10    n/a  n/a   .  .    
'Time Gentleman Please!'    n/a  n/a   . L2199    
Tranquil Treasure    n/a  n/a   . L2196    
Village Shop              
We Three Kings              
Wishing Well              
Wishing Well (Plate)              
Fell View (Plaque)              
Huntingdon House


Woodside Farm (Plaque)              


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