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Lilliput Lane Models on the Isle of Wight

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Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Candy Cottage . Shanklin Tea Rooms

01983 863588

.   Vernon Cottage Restaurant

1 Eastcliff Road

PO37 6AA

N50.626 W1.179 310231
Chine Cot Calbourne . .  

Sweetwater Lodge


PO30 4JN

. 393010
Christmas Delights Shanklin, Tea Shop   Jan 15

Old Thatched Tea Shop
4 Church Road

PO37 6NU

Christmas Lights At The Bell Inn . Shanklin Pub & Restaurant L2485   "TheCrab"
Church Road
PO37 6NU
N50.626 W1.178 310225


O Come, All Ye Faithful Shanklin Church L3382 Jun 11

St Blasius' Church

Church Road
PO37 6QY  or 6NY



Perfect Christmas Calbourne      

Sweetwater Lodge


PO30 4JN

Sandcastle.jpg (7591 bytes) The Sandcastle .web Ryde Folly 1.jpg (7641 bytes) Ryde Shop L2324   Appley Tower

Appley Walk
PO33 1QX

On the Esplanade at Ryde

N50.731 W1.154 409854
Snowball Cottage . Newbridge . .  

Snowball Cottage
Clay Lane
PO41 0UA



St Agnes Nativity Freshwater Church L3234 Jun 06 St Agnes Church,

Gate Lane

St Peters Cove . Godshill/Ventnor . .   Multiple Multiple .
Strawberry_Teas_small.jpg (1957 bytes) Strawberry Teas web Dunnose Tea Room 2.jpg (13693 bytes) Dunnose Private Dwelling L2276   On coastal footpath between Luccombe & Bonchurch Near N50.608 W1.176 .
Sweets__Treats_small.jpg (2003 bytes) Sweets And Treats .web Sweets & Treats 2.jpg (15168 bytes) Shanklin Gift Shop & Tea Room L2315   Pencil Cottage,

2 Church Road
PO37 6NU

N50.626 W1.178 310219


Christmas Delights Shanklin Tea Shop   2015

Old Thatched Tea Shop
4 Church Road

PO37 6NU

N50.6254 W1.1783 310220


Old Thatched Tea Shop L3821 Jun 16
Wight Cottage Godshill       Church Gate Cottage
Church Hill [
east side]
PO38 3HY
With_Thanks_small.jpg (1450 bytes) With Thanks web With Thanks.jpg (10485 bytes). Cowes Private Dwelling L2276   The Round House, 1 Place Road N50.7552 W1.3147 419058

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