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Daisy CottageLilliput Lane Models in Hertfordshire

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Ash Nook Little Hadham Private dwelling . Feb 89 Sep 95

Saddlers Cottage

The Ford [west side]

SG11 2BP

N51.8778 E0.0845 395065



Bakery & Wellhouse, The Aldbury Private dwelling   Jan 10

5, Stocks Road
(West Side)
HP23 5RX

N51.8027 W0.6028 355652


Butterfly Cottage Aspenden Private dwelling .   "Bourne Cottage" in The Street  SG9 9PF

From Buntingford: at village green bear left (Right is signposted: Westmill)

N51.9363 W0.0253 159715
Camomile Lawn Therfield Private dwelling 668 Feb 94 Tuthill Manor which can be found down a public footpath off Mill lane near the water tower. SG8 9PT N52.0182 W0.0555 162451
Sep 97
Daisy Cottage   . . 439   . . .
Drayman, The St Alban's Pub L2362  

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

16 Abbey Mill La,


N51.749 W0.347 163215
Frost Bite Furneux pelham Private dwelling L2366  

Lodge Farm Cottage part of The Gables on a bend just east of the village school and parish church


N51.9328 E0.0772 160176
It's Ice To Make Friends Therfield Private dwelling L2540 Jun 02 White Horse Cottage, Haywood Lane [north side], Reed End, [north side],  SG8 9RL N52.0107 W0.0329 162448
Mar 04
King's Arms, The   Amersham, Bucks . .   . . .
Letter To Santa Bramfield Post Office & Village Store L2589  

Post Office

6 Main Road

SG14 2QJ

N51.8243 W0.1267 356121
No Place Like Mum's  Little Hadham     Jan 15

Saddlers Cottage
1 Ridgeway
SG11 2BP

N51.8778 E0.0845 3395065


North Lodge Gatehouse Knebworth On grounds of stately home   Jun 10

North Lodge Gatehouse
On way in to

Knebworth House

N51.8821 W0.2048 N/L
The Old Bakery . Aldbury . . .

The Wellhouse

5, Stocks Road (West Side)

. 55652
Parkland Cottage (2010 PYO) Knebworth Private Dwelling   Sep 10 Manor Farm Cottage,

 Park Lane SG3 6QB

N51.8686 W0.2138 162114 BLB
Temple Bar Folly   Moved from Waltham Cross to London . L2297   . . .

Together Forever

Great Amwell

Private Dwelling


Jan 09

 River Cottage
St Johns Lane

SG12 9SR



Toll House   . . .   . . .
Umbrella House, The Shenley Private dwelling   Jun 07

The Thatched Lodge,

Green Street


N51.6831 W0.2765


Walton Lodge Flamstead End Private dwelling L2044  

The Lodge to Cheshunt Park Estate

 Park Lane [north east side]


N51.7194 W0.0567 157352
The Watch Tower and Watertower Knebworth Part of stately home   Jun 10

The Watch Tower and Watertower

Part of Knebworth House


N51.8726 W0.2142 N/L

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