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Lilliput Lane Models in USA -- Excluding California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, and New England

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State Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref Dates Actual Location Grid Reference
Georgia Dixie Bottling Company   Atlanta   L2264  

Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company

125 Edgewood Ave., at the corner with Courtland St.

Georgia See Rock City    Rock City   656      
Illinois Home For The Holidays       519      
Kansas I'll Be Home for Christmas   Ottowa Junction   L2165      
Kentucky Countryside Barn   Near Park City          
Holy Night   Louisville      

The Episcopal Church of the Advent,

901 Baxter Ave

Santa's Corner   Louisville   518   (corner store on Portland Ave)  
New Mexico Adobe Church              
Adobe Village              
New York Liberty Enlightening the World   New York   723185    
16.9 Cents Per Gallon   May  no longer exist

 New Russia

Ohio Fourth of July   Belleville (bandstand)   L2163      
Pennsylvania Old State House, 1776   Philadelphia

Independence Hall

Stars & Stripes Forever   Philadelphia

Betsy Ross House

North Carolina Home Sweet Home   Nr.Cherokee          
South Dakota Shrine of Democracy Mount Rushmore   723193      
Tennessee Falls Mills   Nr. Belvedere          
Harvest Mill   Pigeon Ford          
Small Town Library   Rugby          
Texas Remember the Alamo   San Antonio   723207      
Washington By Dawns Early Light   Mukiltel Light Station, Point Elliot

Puget sound

Fill 'er up and Check the Oil   Seattle (nr)   896      
Let Heaven & Nature Sing   Port Gamble          
Washington DC Presidents House, The   Washington DC   723169      
West Virginia Morning Has Broken   Clifftop (Glade Creek Mill, Babcock State Park)          
Utah Sign of Good Taste   Park City          

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