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Some Lilliput Lane Models in Colorado (For complete list click the "up" button)

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Name Model Original Building Actual Location
Cherry Coke Just The Prescription. A

Photos: Joan Barnett who writes:

"we spoke to several people and were told that no only did they not have a pharmacy but no one could select a property like the model i produced. I took photos {above} as they looked the most likely properties."


Silver Plume

Joan Barnett writes: "Having asked around the village no one could help us with this piece or could recollect any property in the village that resembled my book picture. There was one pharmacy but it was nothing like my picture. Silver Plume has about 50 properties max all down one long road with the odd cross roads between. Its very pretty but you are soon in and out"












Fresh Bread 

Silver Plume

The Bakery


Sopp & Truscott Bakery

486 Main Street in Silver Plume
(303) 569-3395

Hours of Operation:
7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

Joan Barnett writes: "we saw this piece .....where it was closed during our visit so we could only view from outside. This place stands on a corner of a one long road village and further down the road we also looked out for 'Cherry Coke'"

Gold Miner's Claim    Deserted mining town, Elkton, Colorado, on private land.

Some old pics of Elkton mines










Lace House 


Photos: Joan Barnett

Black Hawk

"Lace House"

161 Main Street


(303) 582-5221

news about possible move

Joan Barnett writes: "...... I was upset to see it in such a bad way. I believe it was being moved piece by piece to another place but I was pleased to see it non the less.

Photo: GW
Mmmm...Just Like Home   Renovated store in Breckenridge, Colorado
School Days  Pic Fairplay

South Park City Museum

4th & Front Street
Fairplay, 80440

Phone: 719-836-2387


One room schoolhouse

Spring Victorian    Built in 1859 in Georgetown, Colorado

Georgetown Victorians

Joan Barnett writes: "We visited Georgetown and researched the town library, we also drove around every house in the town but never saw anything at all that resembled the picture in my book. We met the oldest inhabitant in the town and spoke with her but again she couldn't help us in any way."

If you are interested in US Victorian Homes click here

Wet Your Whistle Pic

Pic at bottom


South Park City Museum

4th & Front Street
Fairplay, 80440

Phone: 719-836-2387



Water tower in train depot

Photo: GW

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