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Dove Cottage .. Grasmere Open to Public .   Dove Cottage

On A591

LA22 9SH

N54.4557 W3.0245 452095
Dove Cottage - Grasmere .. L2189  
Dove Cottage   Jun 12
Fir Tree Cottage Grasmere Private Dwelling .   (Opposite Dove Cottage & cafe)

 LA22 9SH

N54.4541 W3.0164 452096


Grasmere Church . Grasmere Open to public .   St Oswald's Church


N54.4578 W3.0239 451914
Grasmere Gingerbread Shop Grasmere The Grasmere Gingerbread Shop   Jun 07 CHURCH STILE COTTAGE

Acrosss churchyard fro St Oswald's

LA22 9SW

N54.4578 W3.0239 451920
Helmere Cottage .. Grasmere Rental Info    Jan 08 1 Hollens Cottages 
LA22 9QF


Lakeside House Grasmere B&B .   Raise View House,
Pye Lane
LA22 9RQ
N54.4644 W3.0222 N/L
Nutkin Cottage Grasmere Private Dwelling . Jan 08 Deer Bolts Lodge

LA22 9PY

. n/l
Lilliput Lane's "Badger Rise" & "Helmere Cottage" are based on 1 Hollens Cottages  LA22 9QF

Rental Info

Located on the A591 at Gramere. South Gatehouse of National Trust NW HQ. May have been a pub at some time

Photo: Claire Scott

Nearby building
Lilliput Lane's "Dove Cottage" is based on Dove Cottage, LA22 9SH  Phone 01539 435544  Home of Wordsworth     BBC 360 Tour

Photo: GW
Lilliput Lane's "Fir Tree Cottage" is based on an end view of a building next to Dove Cottage

Photo: Jan Tarrant

Lilliput Lane's "Grasmere Church" is based on St Oswald's Church [IoE 451914]

Photo: Sherri Reicher
Lilliput Lane's "Grasmere Gingerbread Shop" is based on Grasmere Gingerbread Shop, CHURCH STILE COTTAGE, LA22 9SW   (015394-35428)   [451920]

Grasmere Gingerbread Shop


Tucked away at the corner of the churchyard of St. Oswald’s Church.

Click here for Location Ma 

Lilliput Lane's "Nutkin Cottage" is based on Deer Bolts Lodge, LA22 9PY  {Location info from Jan & Mike Tarrant } 
On the narrow road to Grasmere around the west of the lake from Skelwith Bridge direction

Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant


Photo: Jan & Mike Tarrant


Photo: Claire Scott


Lilliput Lane's "Lakeside House" is based on Raise View House, Pye Lane Raise View House, Grasmere, LA22 9RQ                      http://www.raiseview.uk/

Photo: GW

Photo: Jan Tarrant

The road opposite is Swan Lane with The Swan at other end
Other Buildings in Grasmere
The new Wordsworth Museum In front of Dove Cottage
Buildings opposite Dove Cottage  

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