Dingles Emmerdale


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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
"Emmerdale Collection" Harewood, Leeds Closed Film Set


. Jan 13 Dec 16 On the Harewood Estate N53.8867 W1.5378 N/A
Dingles Homestead  
Lilliput Lane's "Emmerdale Collection" is based on the set of the TV Series. Since 1998 a purpose-built set on the Harewood Estate in Leeds has been used The Harewood set is a replica of Esholt with a few minor alterations..
MAP of Village
The Dingles' Homestead is based on "Wishing Well Cottage" which is not part of the built Emmerdale set but is a farmhouse to the west of the set.
To see the original building there are two possibilities as shown below.
1) It can be approached via public footpaths/bridleway.
2) It can be seen from the tour bus
3) A part of the end of the building can be seen from the path to the village
How to find it on foot not on the Emmerdale Tour

Possible place to park (though be aware that the coaches for the tour travel up this road so ensure ar is well off the road

The footpath starts by this gate. Turn right onto a Bridleway to go past the Emmerdale Tour facility
Seeing "Dingle's Homestead" from the Emmerdale Tour bus.
Even though the start of the tour is just along from the building, the tour operators make it clear that you may not leave their site along the bridleway.

 However the road to/from the compound does enable a view of the building, and the speed is low so photographs can be taken through coach windows.

 To do this ensure you sit on the left side of the coach to the tour and on the right for the return.

What can be seen from the village on the Emmerdale Tour
Other buildings near "Dingle's Homestead"

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