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Out_for_a_Duck_small.jpg (1883 bytes) Out For A Duck Akseden_cricket_pavillion.jpg (7801 bytes)


((Not Arkseden as on LL Deed Card)

Sports Pavillion L2274   Cricket Ground in Clavering, not in Arkesden as on Deed Card N51.9695  E0.1545  
Tooth Fairy, The Clavering Private Dwelling L2447   Annexe to Chestnut Lodge in Middle St, near a ford. N51.9668 E0.1427 121591

Out_for_a_Duck.jpg (9668 bytes)

Akseden_cricket_pavillion.jpg (7801 bytes)

Lilliput Lane's model "Out For A Duck" is in fact in the cricket pavilion in the village of Clavering which is adjacent to Arkesden (which is the site according to the "title deed").

Akseden_cricket_pavillion_and_model.jpg (9273 bytes)

Akseden_cricket_pitch.jpg (5285 bytes)

A compensation for several hours taken looking within Arkesden was The Axe & Compasses pub. Mind you Clavering has "The Cricketers" which is in is run by Jamie Oliver's parents.

We believe that Lilliput Lane's "Tooth Fairy" is based on this annexe Chestnut Lodge
If so, the modeler has embellished the building considerably  
There is a ford outside  
The Church The Village Sign
"The Cricketer's" pub is run by Jamie Oliver's parents

and is in the Good Pub Guide 2008.

We had lunch there May 22, 2006




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