Chipping Campden

Up Westington Old Campden House LL Pride and Joy

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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Campden Cot Chipping Campden Holiday let by Landmark Trust L2184   West Banqueting House Old Campden House,
Church Street,
GL55 6JG
N52.0523 W1.7764 126113


Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush Westington,
Chipping Campden
Private Dwelling L2667   Pike House
Sheep Street
GL55 6DN
N52.0464 W1.7824

 126285 BLB

Moreton Manor Chipping Campden 

(not Moreton in the Marsh)

Private Dwellings .   Shepherd's Close

& Old Manor House

B4081, Westington
GL55 6EG

N52.0468 W1.7841

N52.0466 W1.7848

126286 BLB


Penny's Sweets . .Westington/ Chipping Campden . .   Compilation:
The Cottage and Little Thatch, Conduit Hill, Westington,
GL55 6EG

Porchester Cottage,
B4081, Westington,
GL55 6EG

Bantam Tea Rooms
High St,
Chipping Campden
GL55 6HB


N52.0459 W1.7863





126199 BLB

Pride And Joy Chipping Campden Very Private Dwelling L2510   Roseglen
Birdcage Walk

GL55 6BT
N52.0501 W1.7862 N/L
Lilliput Lane's "Campden Cot" is based on West Banqueting House Old Campden House, Church Street, Chipping Campden, Glos, GL55 6JG [126113 BLB]    belongs to the Landmark Trust    sketch of original Campden house     RICS commendation
Photo: Jan Tarrant
Photos of other buildings at Old Campden House
The bow window on Lilliput Lane's "Penny's sweets" is based on the window at The Bantam Tea Room, [126199  BLB]

The main buildings upon which Penny's Sweets is based are found in nearby Westington {Info from Jan & Mike Tarrant}

Photo: Jan Tarrant
Other Buildings in Chipping Campden

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