Chiltern Open Air Museum

Up Leagrave Cottage Maidenhead Pavillion Marsworth Cattle Shelter Wycombe Toll House Pre-fab

The Chiltern Open Air Museum was founded on 1976 and has over 30 buildings which have been brought together from various parts of the Chilterns

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Leagrave Cottage Chalfont St Giles  Part of museum(view from outside only)     In Chiltern Open Air Museum (entrance in Gorelands Lane) N51.633 W0.5467  
Maidenhead Pavillion Part of museum(Shop)      
Marsworth Cattle Shelter, Stable & Cart Shed Part of museum

(Poss go in barn)

Wycombe Toll House Part of museum(Can go inside)  . Sep 94

Sep 94


Above are buildings which have been modelled by Lilliput Lane.


The Lilliput Lane Fair was held here in 2006. We attended at the very end of the Saturday and met up with our friends Jan & Mike Tarrant from New Zealand who provide many photos and lots of in formation for the LAPOLLO website. (Photo left)

Click on the pictures below to see some of the other buildings.

For details of each building and pictures in their original sites click on the museum site map


Caversham Toilets
Astleham Manor Cottage      
Maidenhead Pavillion      
Northolt Barn    
Leagrave Cottage
Skippings Barn

(with The Hawk and Owl Trust's National Conservation and Education Centre)

Thame Vicarage Room    
Henton Mission


  Harpenden Well Head Garston Forge Daub Project Leavesden Apple Store
Iron Age House    
Arborfield Barn
Victorian Farm

Toll House

Haversham Granary

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