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The Blue Boar


Now a restaurant "The Crab"


B4494 north of the M4

N51.46410  W1.34589


  • Lilliput Lane's model "The Blue Boar" is ,modelled on the pub of that used to have that name near the village of Chieveley, very near Jn 13 on the M4 (though it is difficult to find).
  • The pub was in the Good Pub Guide 2002". We had a great lunch there. It was interesting that, according to the publican,  no permission was requested (or needed) by Lilliput Lane to use the building for a model.
  • It is now a restaurant called "The Crab" and was "AA Seafood Restaurant of the Year" in 2005
  • Oliver Cromwell stayed here in 1644 on the eve of the Battle of Newbury
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This is my little model Blue Boar This is the real thing.
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Beautiful thatched roof and unbelievably English and charming. March 1, 2001: Had a delicious lunch. Met another American couple at the next table because we heard each other's accents.
Jan 2009 -- as "The Crab"  
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