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  God's Providence House Chester Shop:

(ladies clothing)


The Chester Mill Shop

9, Watergate St,


N53.1901 W2.8926 470418
H Samuel -- The Jeweller Chester Pub and Shop   Jan 12 The Olde Boot Inn

9 Eastgate Row North


N53.1907 W2.8907

470210 BLB
No 1 Bridge Street Chester   L3597 Jun 13 No. 1 Bridge Street




Lilliput Lane's "God's Providence House" is based on The Chester Mill Shop (ladies clothing) 9, Watergate St, Chester, Cheshire CH1  2LB
t was originally built in 1652, but was rebuilt in 1862) 
 Tel: 01244 400045  

The name  is taken from an inscription erected on the front of th

e building which reads: 'God's Providence is Mine Inheritance'.  

Another store in Watergate Street
Lilliput Lane's "'H Samuel -- The Jewellers" & "Toy Shop (Treats for Christmas)" are based on The Olde Boot Inn, 9 Eastgate Row North, CH1 1LQ [IoE 470210 BLB]

History  [map 01244 314540     [Identified by Jan & Mike Tarrant]

Photos: Hilary Armstrong

Photo: Mike & Jan Tarrant

Lilliput Lane's "No 1 Bridge Street" is based on No. 1 Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 2BG [IoE 470041  BLB]    (corner of Watergate Street)

Photo: Mike &  Jan Tarrant
Other buildings in Chester
3,5,7 Bridge Street [IoE 470043] 31, 33, 35 Bridge Street [IoE 470063]
31, 33, 35 Bridge Street [IoE 470063]  
Note the walkway between buildings above ground level "Three Old Arches" in Bridge Street. said to be the oldest shop front in Britain  [IoE 470083]
Lower Bridge Street: 46A AND 46B [470301] 44 [470300] Falcon Inn, 6 Lower Bridge Street [IoE 470287]

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