Buckingham Palace


Buckingham_Palace_small.jpg (1868 bytes) Buckingham Palace Westminster

Historic Royal palace limited opening to public Aug/Sept


L2286 . The Mall N51.46410  W 0.14131 .
Buckingham Palace (small) L2531 .
  Buckingham Palace in Winter L2625 .
  Buckingham Palace Plaque L2374 .
Diamond Wedding L 3080  
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Lilliput Lane's "Buckingham Palace" is based on the Queen's Official London residence.   Some rooms open to the public in end July to Sep
Buckingham_Palace.jpg (6855 bytes)
LL Buckingham Palace (L2236) LL Buckingham Palace Small  (L2531)    

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As part of the celebrations a major concert was held outside Buckingham Palace with a highlight being what was done to the facade during the playing of "Our House" by Madness

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LL Buckingham Palace in winter(L2625) Diamond Wedding (L 3080)
View from St James's Park   [Photo: Charlie Basile Jan 2005]  
The Victoria Monument stands in front of the Palace   [Photos: Kathy Sprys,  June 24, 2006]
BUCK23JEZ_SUE_JOHN_LANDSCAPE0.JPG (37110 bytes) buck26 outside gates.tif (731040 bytes)
The day we were invited to a garden party for Jeremy to receive his Duke of Edinburgh Award
The Sprys/Bur tourists preparing to advance...... ....to pose at the railings
Changing of the Guard
  Diana & Bob Goudie
All the Queen's men..... ...Guard Postman Pat's van ! {for the Queen's 80th birthday party for children}
Gates to Green Park       [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006]  
From the London Eye
From 55 Broadway  
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