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 I  visited on October 14, 2001 and May 30, 2009 and took the pictures below.

Boscastle was hit by flash floods after torrential rain on Monday 16th August 2004 and caused major devastation.

Click here for sounds and pictures about the event and its aftermath. More pictures. Rebuilding

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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Fisherman's Cottage Boscastle  Private Dwelling  .   On south side of the river towards the harbour from footbridge by  Harbour Lights cafe N50.6905 W4.6961  
Puffin Row Boscastle  Private Dwelling 615  
Fore  Street
PL35 0AU
N50.6856 W4.6922 68705
Pixie House, Boscastle Boscastle Tea Room/ Shop L3169 Jan 09 Harbour Light Tea Room 

The Harbour

PL35 0HD

N50.6913 W4.6957  
There are 3 Lilliput Lane cottages based on buildings in Boscastle
4x3 boscastle stream.jpg (15799 bytes) 4x3 boscastle to village.jpg (11446 bytes)
The stream up to the village

and down to the harbour

4x3 boscastle to sea.jpg (10758 bytes) 4x3 boscastle blow hole.jpg (14023 bytes)

Looking out to sea

Where there's a blow hole!

The Wellington Hotel on the start of Old Road  
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