Bluebell Line

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The Bluebell Line in Sussex is probably the most famous Preservation Railway in Britain

It was closed by British Rail on March 17, 1958 (see left)

It is regularly used in films where  old steam trains are required, including:


One attraction is the "Golden Arrow" to ride and have a meal in original Pullman cars
The line is operated mainly by volunteers  
Lilliput Lane's "Bluebell Line" is based on the station at Sheffield Park of the Bluebell Line  "Fenchurch" and "Stepney"  are the basis for Lilliput Lane's "Stroudley Terrier"
The main station is Sheffield Park.... ...with Horsted Keynes as a main destination
The line runs a wide range of locomotives    
Each June there is a Folk Festival at the Bluebell  ......... ..........with evening concerts by top folk bands (e.g. the Yetties)

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