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Christmas Pudding Blaise Castle, Bristol . L2398 Jan 01

Dec 01

Timber Lodge, Blaise Castle Estate, Henbury Road

(enter via Henbury Lodge) BS10 7QE

N51.5014 W2.6278 379737
Fruits of the Forest   Jan 09


Lilliput Lane's "Christmas Pudding" & "Fruits of the Forest" are based on Timber Lodge, Blaise Castle Estate, Henbury Road, Bristol,

BS10 7QE  [IoE 379737]

Photos: Debbie Gill

Photo: Hilary Armstrong
How to find it:
It is a few hundred yards down a footpath (concrete) from Castle/Henbury Lodge [IoE 379731] which is on Henbury Road (B4055) and runs to the East of the Blaise Castle Estate. It is difficult to spot going south, but if you pass the Golf Club then you've missed it. Turn round and travel north ..............
...the entrance is just past the Golf Club and then a bus stop. There is limited parking. If full park in a street opposite (slightly south). The footpath is through the archway of Castle Lodge [IoE 379731]


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