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Model: Cobblers
Lilliput Lane info:

[Cottage notes] Location: Wollaston, Northamptonshire

Note a search of Wollaston has not shown any properties of this type. See John's web page

Photos of model courtesy Photo: GW
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General Comment

GW: "I have never given this one a second thought, but would have expected it to have come from around the Northampton area, as that has always been the historical shoe making area in the UK. However the name is fairly common throughout the UK and would suggest that the building may have been owned by a Cobbler at some time. I then looked in the PC to see that they suggest it is from that area, although the building stone from that area is very similar the style in my opinion is not. I think if Northampton goes back to the time of William 1 so the locality would be steeped in old buildings, but these would almost certainly have been with Cruck End, which your associates picture and indeed the model is not of that style or even that age. 

I would suggest that the locality is some 70 miles west of Northampton and probably somewhere in the Cotswolds, given the brilliant colour of the vegetation in your associates picture, however it could be in any part of a triangle from Warwick, down to Gloucester and back up to Hereford, given the style and stone colour. "

Claire Scott suggests :

Porchester Cottage

Westlington in Chipping Campden

IoE 126298



JRS: "It certainly looks very similar.


  • Overall look of front is same

  • Thatch and eyebrows same

  • Windows are same

  • Chimney treatment same


  • No porch on model (could have been added)

  • There is a lean-to to right of model.(unusual for this feature to be added).

The clincher would be the shape of the chimney stack."


Jan Tarrant comments:

The Westington cottage is too "modern" and bears scant resemblance to the "rustic" styling depicted on Cobbler's.

Shaped kneelers on the end of the stone coping - on the gable end These are not shown on the model but are on the Westington Cottage





Jan Tarrant suggests:




IoE: 233279

"Bozeat is in the correct area near Wollaston"


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