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Return to Lilliput Lane Ireland Name Original Town County Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref.
The Dingle Dingle Co Kerry Pub . Jun 09

The Dingle Pub

Main Street

N52.1386 W10.2697
.. Little Leprechaun   Dingle Peninsular Kerry .  L2567     .
.. Morning Post Ventry Kerry Village Post Office and general store L2381    In centre of village just off R559 .N52.138 W10.630
I toured the Dingle Peninsula on June 29, 2005 primarily to find 2 Lilliput Lane cottages. 1 out of 2 ain't bad. Since then "The Dingle" has been added
Lilliput Lanes "Morning Post" is based on the facia (only) of the Village Post Office and General Store. The rest of the model is the artist's invention

Photo: Geoff & Jan Hampson

Lilliput Lane's "The Dingle" is based on The Dingle Pub Main Street, Dingle MAP  
We could not find Lilliput Lane "Little Leprechaun". There are not many thatched buildings on the Dingle and as we see above, LL artists may have invented this. However in travelling from Castlemain to Dingle and then following the R559 route round the west of the peninsula we didn't see any buildings like the model.
It was a misty day
  This sheep seemed brave with a hundred+ foot drop
The Gallarus Oratory was very interesting, being 8-1200 years old and still (almost) watertight.

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