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.. Pat Cohans Bar  Cong Mayo Building was without roof in June 2005  . In village near war memorial  .N53.542 W9.275
... Quiet Cottage  Cong Mayo Visitor Centre  . In village near Abbey and Visitor Information Centre N53.542 W9.275

We visited Cong on June 27, 2005

Lilliput Lane's "Quiet Cottage" is based on this cottage in Cong

The cottage was used for the movie "A Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and made in 1952. Unfortunately we arrived late in the day and couldn't go inside

Pat Cohen's Bar is supposedly a Lilliput Lane but as you can see - other than the name it bears no real resemblance and something really bad happened to it. Apparently Pat Cohans was never a bar it was made up to look like a bar. Info from Kathy McInnis is that "it was a store that was made to look like a pub. It is now owned by a man who will be renovating it to make it into a family restaurant modeled after the "bar in the movie." He has a wonderful little shop and movie and picture gallery up stairs."

Interesting ruin - there are many churches in Ireland in ruin  and I really do not understand why
  Really interesting windows - very ornate and different one from another

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