Whiteknights Park Lakes

Views to and from the bridge across the main lake which I used to cycle across from Whiteknights Hall (now demolished) to Cybernetics Dept
Photos taken on Donors Day 2010
....and on Donors Day 2011
Looking the other way  
4x3 whiteknights lake.jpg (14591 bytes) 4x3 colourful ducks 2.jpg (14200 bytes)
Lake from Whitenights Road Colourful Ducks
4x3 grebe.jpg (12640 bytes) 4x3 whiteknights lake 2.jpg (12715 bytes)
Grebe Lake from Wessex Lower entrance
4x3 whiteknights lake 3.jpg (13817 bytes) 4x3 grebe 3.jpg (20064 bytes)
Centre Lake Grebes
4x3 robin.jpg (19799 bytes) 4x3 whiteknights lake 4.jpg (14046 bytes)
Robin Upper Lake towards bridge
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