Whiteknights Hall


Whiteknights Hall is where John lived for all 3 years of his time at Reading University (1965 - 1968)
8x2 whiteknights across sports field.jpg (17970 bytes)
However, when he returned in April 2009 he saw that the Hall had been demolished. In Septemeber 2017 he visited the replacement building -- Mackinder Hall
The photos below show how it looked in John's time there
4x3 whiteknights dining from CD.jpg (13262 bytes) 4x3 whiteknights jcr from music.jpg (10378 bytes)
Dining room and Warden's Lodge Junior Common Room
4x3 whiteknights H from CD.jpg (12027 bytes) 4x3 whiteknights H from road.jpg (17301 bytes)
H Block (where John lived for 3 years) H Block from Road
Below pictures of the building site! April 2009
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