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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
The Cenotaph London In public place   Jan 14 53 Whitehall Gardens, SW1A 2NP N51.5027 W0.1261 207620   BLB
No 10 Downing Street London Very rarely

(Ballot in London Openhouse)

  Jan 14 No 10 Downing Street
N51.5034 W0.1275 209516  BLB
Whitehall is the main street for Governmental buildings running from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square Whitehall is Magenta on the London Monopoly Board
Lilliput Lane's "The Cenotaph" is modelled on The Cenotaph [IoE 207620] focus of the annual Remembrance Service]
Lilliput Lane's "No 10 Downing Street" is modelled on No 10 Downing Street SW1A 2AA [IoE 209516  BLB]
  No# 10 is home of the UK Prime Minister
Entrance to Downing Street   [Photo: Kathy Sprys June 24, 2006] From 55 Broadway
Other buildings in Whitehall
3x4 st stephens from trafalger sq.jpg (12842 bytes) 3x4 Nelsons column.jpg (8948 bytes)
The old "New Scotland Yard"  [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006] From Westminster Bridge
Memorial to Women  
The Red lion -- good breakfast before the Olympic Marathon Aug 12, 2012 The Clarence No#55   Review  [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006]
  No# 10 is home of the UK Prime Minister
Chuck liked this building Richmond House (#79) Dept of Health [Photo: Joanne Bur ] View across to  Horse Guards Parade  [Photo: Chuck Bur June 24, 2006]
A soldier from the Queens Lifeguard who are involved in many Ceremonials Photo: Katie Kleinhans Jan 2005
  Crowds on Jan 1, 2010 for the London Parade
From St James Park  
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