Sydney Opera House


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Sydney Opera House  



NSW/Australia Open to public for tours and concerts L2434 Sydney Harbour S33.866 E151.209
6x3 soh from boat.jpg (15636 bytes)

Lilliput Lane's model "Sydney Opera House" is based on the landmark building. It is interesting to compare it with the original architects model below. John visited on February 24, 2002

In 1957, Jorn Utzon won an international competition for the design of the Sydney Opera House. His design was very sketchy and it took years of engineering design to get it right.Construction began in 1959 but many modifications were needed. In 1966 Utzon resigned and an Australian team completed the work.

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From Circular Quay

From the West (under the Harbour Bridge)

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3x2 soh from ne from boat.jpg (7284 bytes)

From the North

From the North East

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From the East with Sydney Harbour Bridge

3x2 Soh concourse from sw.jpg (9348 bytes)

3x2 soh front.jpg (11788 bytes)

From the South West

From the South

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3x2 soh cutaway model.jpg (11245 bytes)

Utzon's original model of outside

Utzon's original model of the interior

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3x2 soh upper area.jpg (13108 bytes)

The Roofs: said to look like orange peel.....or sails

Northern Foyers have spectacular views.....

3x2 shb from inside soh.jpg (13509 bytes)

....including across to the Harbour Bridge

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