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Sandcastle.jpg (7591 bytes) The Sandcastle Ryde Shop L2324 On the Esplanade at Ryde N50.731 W1.154 409854

Sandcastle.jpg (7591 bytes)

This folly, Appley Tower, in Ryde is the model for Lilliput Lane's "The Sandcastle". When we visited on Aug 26, 2001 it was a shop with rocks/fossils.

Appley Tower
Appley Walk
Appley Lane
PO33 1QX

web Ryde Folly 1.jpg (7641 bytes)
web Ryde Folly with model 2.jpg (11984 bytes) web Ryde Folly with Judy.jpg (10437 bytes) web Ryde Folly front.jpg (10329 bytes)
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