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Picture of LL Model Name Original Town Visit LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Ref. IoE
Anyone for tennis from side.jpg (5715 bytes) Anyone For Tennis 4x3 Anyone for tennis orig.jpg (64621 bytes) Barnston On Private Land L2316 Jun 00 Mar 02 Private Estate at Lilford Park N52.4378 W0.4834  
Nightingale 4x3 nightingale with judy.jpg (11995 bytes) Pilton

(Not Duddington)

Private Dwelling L2130 Jan 99 Mar 02 Forest Thatch
(near triangular green where Pilton Road runs off the road near "Anyone for Tennis")
N52.4472 W0.4969 232828


Lilford Hall was used as 303rd Bomb Group Station Hospital during WW2.  History   GWR "Hall" Class locomotive 6927
Lilliput Lane model "Anyone for Tennis" was meant to be at Barnston in Northants but in fact appears to be on the private estate of Lilford Hall.

Anyone_for_tennis_from_side.jpg (5715 bytes)

4x3 Anyone for tennis orig.jpg (64621 bytes)
4x3 lilford manor.jpg (12115 bytes) 4x3 pilton church and manor.jpg (9740 bytes)
Lilford Manor [IoE 232814] St Mary & All Saints Church [232825] and Manor House
Lilliput Lane Model of "Nightingale"  is in Pilton overlooking the Lilford Estate (not Duddington as on the title deed)

near triangular green where Pilton Road runs off the road near "Anyone for Tennis"

  4x3 nightingale.jpg (9200 bytes)
4x3 nightingale with judy.jpg (11995 bytes) 2x3 nightingale with model.jpg (21022 bytes)
The original with the model
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