Up Jeremy's Life RAF D of E Jez @ Lee Abbey

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DOFECERT_SMALL.JPG (2173 bytes) Gold Duke of Edinburgh

On July 20th 1999 we were very proud to attend a ceremony at Buckingham Palace  where he received his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. The work he had to do to achieve this, including his report on a 4 week trip to Zimbabwe is shown on other pages

.....he flew to the Falklands two days later

3x4jez1.jpg (13565 bytes) This was during the time he served in the RAF
web_lee_abbey_house_small.jpg (1522 bytes) On February 22, 2002 Jeremy joined the team at Lee Abbey.

Lee Abbey is a Christian Conference Contre in North Devon near Lynton

Jeremy went to the camps there for many years as a teenager and later as a leader.

He left in Autumn 2002.

2x4 Jez in Corps unifrom.jpg (35521 bytes) During 2003 Jez has worked in security including for the Corps of Commissionaires. here he is uniform prior to working at the Royal Telivision Society Conference in Cambridge in September during which he stayed at King's College.
He married Sharleen in May 2005 and they have 3 children Jasmin, Sky and Bailey
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