York Xmas Lights


On November 19, 2017 I went to the Christmas Lights in York Museum Gardens
It was disappointing so I posted the following comments on Trip Advisor:

Who chose the price for Christmas Lights?

As with most reviews, having visited this "attraction" on day 4, I was most disappointed. 
The positive thing was that most of the "guides" on the route were very friendly and helpful. That couldn't be said for Father Christmas.The projected light show was fun and the fire pit made a good ending. But........the rest was uninspiring, spread out over a large area....long walk and high cost. I don't know whether the pricing was based on "cost plus" i.e. what did it cost to put it together and then man it each night, divided by expected number of visitors. or was it "what will the market stand" the polite version of "how much can we con people into paying". Recent history is full of "Christmas Wonderlands" of various types which failed to give value.This is another example. I assumed that would not be the case for something in the Museum Gardens. The test will be. "If they put it on again next year will people pay 15 for an adult?" Speaking for me, I might consider it again at 5..



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