Treyarnon Bay means "the beach" to John's family. John spent many holiday's here from 5 -10 years and then several times later. His parents visited every year for 30 years.

I visited October 16, 2001 and returned in May 2009.      Click for more old pictures

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Treyarnon beach

Keith, Diane, Ruby Gowing with Emily, Bill & John there (early 50s)

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looking into the Bay
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.and out to sea

As a 5 to 10 year old I used to make complex road systems and other sandworks on this beach with my friend Keith Gowing. I took pictures of children following the tradition 50 years on......
Then I couldn't resist making a small castle myself using an empty coffee cup as the "bucket"
4x3 treyarnon surf.jpg (10768 bytes)

The surf so loved by my mother

... now enjoyed by others with different techniques.

4x3 treyarnon beach pedisons cove.jpg (11686 bytes)

Pedison's Cove....a family nickname after some friends.....................

4x3c treyarnon beach pool and headland.jpg (12606 bytes)

The swimming pool where John's Dad saved a small girl

Emily with Ruby Gowing on the edge of the pool ...early 1950's
seen in 2009 with rock pools
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Round to the East is Constatine Bay

June 2014
A cave I used to explore age 7-10  
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