St Johns


St Johns College, Cambridge was founded in 1511 by Lady Margaret Beaufort, paternal grand-mother of King Henry VIII.

You can take a virtual tour  (including panoramas)or visit in person. College Photo Gallery

St John's from Trinity    Photo: Kathy Sprys June27, 2006 His own street             Photo: Kathy Sprys June27, 2006
...but we had 2 john's in the party            Photo: Kathy Sprys June27, 2006  
The Great Gate.................. The carving is of the coat of arms of the Foundress, Lady Margaret Beaufort ..mother (at age 13!) of Henry VII
Looking across the First Court back to the Tudor brickwork The Chapel from First Court
    The Second Court
Second Court The Bridge of Sighs
Modern buildings of Fisher Court.... .contrast with the School of Pythagoras ...oldest in use in Cambridge
The college also has many gardens not open to the public.... except during the Shakespeare Festival where I saw Much Ado About Nothing on July 29, 2019

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