Scotney Castle


On July 28, 2005 we visited Scotney Castle which is a National Trust property and a Lilliput Lane model

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Scotney Castle Garden Scotney Castle

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L2103 At Scotney Castle near Lamberhurst, Kent N51.093 E0.396 170061

Lilliput Lane's "Scotney Castle Gardens" is based on the National Trust property of that name near Lamberhurst in Kent

We visited  the property on July 28, 2005

The castle, some of which is C14, is moated......................

..and is surrounded by excellent gardens

Judy enjoyed watching the fish in the lake

The new house (IoE 170059) was built in 1837 using materials from .
.... the old castle, thereby turning into a ruin,......... ...and stone from a quarry in the park which itself became a feature

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