I visited Salisbury on October 23, 2001, 18 October 2007, 23 June 2012

4x3 salisbury cathedral from ne.jpg (13172 bytes)

3x4 salisbury cathedral west front.jpg (14325 bytes) 3x4 salisbury cathedral from ne 2.jpg (10211 bytes)
Salisbury Cathedral from North East West Front from South East

4x3 chapel.jpg (14105 bytes) 3x4 trinity chapel.jpg (16382 bytes) 3x4 salisbury cathedral nave.jpg (19315 bytes)
Chapel Trinity Chapel Nave
3x4 salisbury cathedral medevial clock 2.jpg (15792 bytes) 3x4 salisbury cathedral cloisters.jpg (16637 bytes) 3x4 trees in salisbury cathedral cloisters.jpg (14776 bytes)
Medieval Clock Cloister Trees in cloisters

Gate to High Street Place for lunch at 650m year old pub ....'Haunch of Venison'
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