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Eamont Lodge .. Penrith No .   Gatehouse to Lowther Holiday Park on A6 (at Earl Henry's Drive) just south of Eamont Bridge N54.6468 W2.7395 .
J & J Graham Penrith Shop

J & J Graham of Penrith

. Jun 07 J & J Graham of Penrith

6-7 Market Place
 CA11 7BS

.N54.6640 W2.7523 .
Penrith Toffee Shop Penrith Shop   Jun 07 The Toffee Shop,

7 Brunswick Road,

CA11 7LU

N54.6660 W2.7551 .
Penrith Town Clock Penrith Clock L2461   Market Place
 CA11 7BS
N54.6641 W2.7523 72897
. Secret Garden . Penrith Bank .   Mainly based on:
Barclays Bank
Market Square 
CA11 7YB
N54.664 W2.7519 72898


        Penrith Town and Parish
Lilliput Lane's "Eamont Lodge" is based on the Gatehouse to Lowther Holiday Park on A6 (at Earl Henry's Drive) just south of Eamont Bridge
Lilliput Lane's "J & J Graham" is based on J & J Graham of Penrith, 6-7 Market Place,  CA11 7BS    Tel: +44 (0)1768 862281 

J & J Graham 


Photo: Jan & Geoff Hampson
Lilliput Lane's "Penrith Toffee Shop" is based on The Toffee Shop, 7 Brunswick Road, CA11 7LU     Tel: 01768 862008 
Lilliput Lane's "Penrith Town Clock" is based on the Town clock in Market Place CA11 7BS
with J&J Graham in background Photo: Sherri Reicher
It is suggested that Lilliput Lane's "Secret Garden" is mainly based on the Barclays Bank in Market Square   Penrith, CA11 7YB      [IoE 72898]

Possible inspiration for tower


St Andrew's Church At the back of the Churchyard




The George Hotel once had a famous "Royal" overnight guest    [IoE 72825]
HSBC Bank Natwest Bank
17/18 Devonshire St [IoE 72824] Home of Wordsworths' grandparents  

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