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Temple Bar Folly was near Cheshunt

Moved to City

Archway you can walk through L2297 Jun 99 Between St Paul's and Paternoster Square (to left of West End of St {Paul's) N51.5139 W0.1006 157371

(In old position)

Mar 01
Lilliput Lane's "Temple Bar folly" is based on the Wren's gateway of that name which is now between St Paul's and Paternoster Square in London
Temple Bar was one of the gates through which people and traffic had to pass. It originally stood where Fleet Street now meets the Strand, the bar was first mentioned in 1293. It stood outside of the Temple law chambers and was alway associated with the "Bar". It is the only surviving gateway to the City it was removed and re-erected in Theabalds park in Hertfordshire, where it stood neglected for many years. The Temple Bar was finally returned to the City of London. funded by the corporation of London to the tune of over 3.0m. The reconstruction of Temple Bar on an empty site next to St Paul's Cathedral, was completed in November 2004. There are four statues Charles I, Charles II, James I and Anne of Denmark they were carved by John Bushnell and have now been restored in the main alcoves of Temple Bar, and now the only traffic that passes through the gateway is on foot
In its "country setting". Photo: Jan Tarrant
At the time of the LL model the structure as in Theobalds Park in Waltham Abbey. It is "listed" there IoE 157371.  

It was moved back to a new position in London in 2004 at a cost of 3 milllion.     Story of  The Move back to London 

Paternoster Square    Pics Shepherd and Sheep by Dame Elisabeth Frink

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