Up LL "Yuletide Harbour" Watersmeet

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Yuletide Harbour 4x3 rising sun and harbour.jpg (16303 bytes) Lynmouth Open public space. Rising Sun is hotel & restaurant     At estuary of the Lyn River. Hill is Mars Hill N51.231 W3.830 (Rising Sun)376530

Lilliput Lane's "Yuletide Harbour" (illuminated) is based on Lynmouth Harbour......(in)famous for the floods which occurred in 1953

4x3 rising sun and harbour.jpg (16303 bytes)

The Classic "chocolate box view"   ......

... and from above  (Photo Debbie Gill)

4x3 rising sun.jpg (17827 bytes) 3x4 rising sun bedroom flash.jpg (15062 bytes)

It includes "The Rising Sun hotel" where I stayed overnight on October 12, 2001.  It is no longer in the "Good Pub Guide"

  The vernicular railway up to Lynton
4x3 view from bedroom.jpg (10938 bytes) Blank
View of harbour...note the thatch (top left)  
3x2 heron.jpg (6406 bytes)

We spotted a heron in the harbour

4x3 lynmouth.jpg (12087 bytes)
The Lyn river which flooded so badly in 1952 ...and with John

.... and with Shirley

2x3 mums judy lynmouth.jpg (6376 bytes)

Mum S & Judy on the bridge

4x3 sandpiper inn.jpg (7998 bytes) Blank
The Exmoor Sandpiper  
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