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  Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
The Angel Lacock Hotel/ Restaurant L2991 Jan 07 Dec 07 The Sign of the Angel
6, Church Street
SN15 2LB
N51.4160 W2.1224 315476
A Little Of What You Fancy PYO Lacock Bakery   Sep 13 The Lacock Bakery
8 & 8a Church Street
SN15 2LB
N51.4162 W2.1218 315478


Christmas At The Inn Lacock Inn   2016 The George Inn
4 West Street, 
SN15 2LH




Lacock is mainly owned by the National Trust         It has been used in many movies      Tourist info    
Lilliput Lane's "A Little Of What You Fancy PYO " is based on The Lacock Bakery, 8 & 8a Church Street, Lacock SN15 2LB
 {Jan Tarrant info}[IoE
315478 BLB]

Photo: Claire Scott

Photo: Hilary Armstrong
High St
Red Lion Inn [315539]   #1

 It is in the Good Pub Guide 2010  [Lucky Dip] 


#2-5 [315540]
#19 [315529]
#12      #12A [315547] Lacock Stores 12 High St [IoE 315546]
The Porch House #14 [315548]  
West St
Corner of High Street & West Street
#1 [315601]  
  #3 [315604]
The George Inn  #4 [315605]   It is in the Good Pub Guide 2010  #11 [315597]
Church St
The Corner House #2 [315473] #3 [315474]Looking towards The Sign of the Angel
#8 [315478]
#8A [315478] #14-16 [315483]
Church of St Cyriac [315487]    Virtual Tour King John's Hunting Lodge #21 [315500]
#27 [315504] #7 [315477]
On the Corner of Church Street & East Street is the The Carpenters Arms #22  [315501]   It is in the Good Pub Guide 2010  [Lucky Dip] 


I had an excellent lunch there.

East St
#12A [315521]
Lacock Abbey
Lacock Abbey [315553]  


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