Heath & Reach


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Heath and Reach is a village between Woburn and Leighton Buzzard. Quite near our Newport Pagnell home.

We visited to see the folly

4x3 Heath & Reach sign & folly.jpg (16069 bytes) This is a combination water pump and clock tower in the center of the village. Odd and interesting.
3x4 Heath & Reach folly & weslyan.jpg (12669 bytes) Apparently a Baroness Angela Burdett-Coutts was involved in the financing of this structure in 1873.Everytime you run across names such as this you have to stop yourself from tracing this woman and everything else she was involved in . It begs the questions of who was she, why did she do this, what else did she do? It could drive you crazy so you just have to move on. 3x4 Heath & Reach folly side.jpg (8388 bytes)
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This is a very lovely village with many sweet features. Linden Cottage
4x3 Heath & Reach Thatch Cottage 2.jpg (16749 bytes) 4x3 Heath & Reach Thatch Cottage 3.jpg (15137 bytes)
Things are blooming and getting very green in this cottage's garden. It looks very homey. This is two cottages both a good size.

This seems like a lovely and quiet place to live. Probably not much night life bu then I did see a couple of pubs across the street so you never know.


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