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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Yorkvale_Cottage_small.jpg (1765 bytes) Yorkvale Cottage Hackness   L2042   see Yorkshire LLNV    
Lilliput Lane's "Yorkvale Cottage" is based on Main Road Cottage, Broxa Lane, Hackness, YO13 0JW [not listed]

This was one of the most difficult originals to find and it was only on my 3rd visit to Hackness. I took the photos of other cottages in Broxa Lane but never found this one as the view from the road was as seen in row 2 left. If I had continued further I would have seen the cottage with the other views.

To find it go west approx. 400metres along Broxa Lane from Hackness Village Hall. Main Road Cottage is opposite the entrance to Hackness Grange Country Hotel YO13 0JW [IoE  327360    BLB]

Photo: Claire Scott
I found these cottages with similar characteristics on Broxa Lane
This building "Sunny Side" has been demolished

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