Covent Garden



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Covent Garden Covent Garden Whole range of shops and restaurants L2597 North of the Strand N51.511 W0.123 .
Lilliput Lane's "Covent Garden" is based on the old fruit market which is now full of great shops and eating places.
Covent Garden  
  At one end is St Paul's Church


Diamond Jubilee June 3, 2012  
PSV Eindhoven soccer fans drinking before their UEFA match with Spurs  
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St Paul's is the "Actor's Church" and has a wonderful peaceful garden.
Nearby is "Porters"  one of our favourite restaurants in London.......  ........or for refreshments there's Pontis within the market.
In Maiden Lane Rules Restaurant where John has had business lunches Opposite is the only Mongolian BBQ John knows in the UK
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