Coronation Street

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Model Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Audreys Salon Manchester Tours may be available     Coronation Street set
Granada Backlot
Quay Street
(No longer open to public except tours)
Barlows Bookies    
Christmas at The Corner Shop    
Christmas at The Duckworths House    
Christmas at The Kabin    
Christmas at The Rovers Return

The Corner Shop    
The Duckworths House    
The Kabin    
Maxine's Bench    
The Rovers Return
Websters' Auto Centres    
Lilliput Lane's "Coronation Street" models are based on buildings on the Coronation Street set which is on the Granada backlot off Quay Street. It has been re-opened to the public as the new set at Salford is opened. The buildings are not listed.

I visited to see outside on 27 October 2012 and then for a tour round the set and to photograph the buildings on 26 September 2014

We understand that tours will be available in 2015

Click here for interactive Google Map

From the tour you emerge on........ .... to "the cobbles" junction of Coronation Street & Viaduct Street
at the end of which is Underworld which is on Victoria Street
Entrance & Exit Click here for interactive Google Map
If you can't get on a tour it's difficult to see much from outside
From the street you can just see the edge of Alahan's Corner Shop


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