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Kentish Oast House Chiddingstone

(LL: Tunbridge Wells (nr))


Private dwelling     Triangle Oast

On a triangle at junction East of village.

N51.186 E0.154 446433
Primrose Hill Chiddingstone Private Dwelling    
Mollys Cottage
Wellers Town Road


N51.1800 E0.1554  
Lilliput Lane's "Kentish Oast House" is based on Triangle Oast [IoE 446433]


Lilliput Lane's "Primrose Hill" is based on the end of Mollys Cottage, Wellers Town Road, TN8 7BE (info given by Jan Tarrant)

Photo: Jan Tarrant

JRS directions: From Chiddingstone go East to "Kentish Oast House" then south [right] towards Chiddingstone Hoath ...
Castle_front.jpg (13896 bytes) Castle_side.jpg (7180 bytes)
Inside, "The Castle" the handsome, carefully modernised beamed bar has well made settles forming booths around the tables, cushioned sturdy wall benches, an attractive mullioned window seat in one small alcove, and latticed windows.

"The Castle Inn" used to be in the "Good Pub Guide 2008" but has since dropped out

There isn't a straight wall to this building. In America we would have knocked this down and deemed it unsafe. In England they just carry on as usual. The floors are uneven and the windows are all crooked.
Chiddlingstone_Tudor.jpg (7390 bytes) Chiddlingstone_Church.jpg (8941 bytes)
"The village has a  marvellously picturesque cluster of unspoilt Tudor houses. John is a a real sucker for the timbered buildings and I love the thatched roof cottages."  Judy Saville
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