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Cavendish is a picturesque village in Suffolk and basis of Lilliput Lane's "Village Green"  flatback

Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC and his wife Sue Ryder[?] are buried in Cavendish. There is also the Sue Ryder Foundation Museum with many war memorabilia.

The Classic view of the village inc Church of St Mary [IoE 282860] Church Cottages [IoE 282882]     [Photo: Chuck Bur June 29, 2006]
These pictures take a walk round teh village clockwise from the village green
Five Bells  
Corner House [282889], The Rectory (The Yews)  [282890]  The Rectory has a most beautiful cottage garden [Photo: Kathy Sprys June 29, 2006]
The George     [IoE 282884]    Review     [Photo: Chuck Bur June 29, 2006]  
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The Bull  is in the 2008 Good Pub Guide as a Lucky Dip  
[Photo: Kathy Sprys June 29, 2006]  
[Photo: Kathy Sprys June 29, 2006]                               Manor Cottages [282874]                               [Photo: Chuck Bur June 29, 2006]
The Old Grammar School [282872]    [Photo: Kathy Sprys June 29, 2006]   Tudor House [282876]
This one has been "window taxed"   [Photo: Kathy Sprys June 29, 2006]        [Copyright lapsed]
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Outside the village [Copyright lapsed]
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