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The Black Friar is in the 2008 Good Pub Guide    174 Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4EG  [IoE 199713]

Built in 1875 near the site of a 13th-century Dominican priory from which the area (and this pub) takes it name, the Black Friar looks strangely interesting from the outside (with its mosaics and statue of a rotund and jolly friar above the main door). However, nothing will quite prepare the visitor for the extraordinary interior. Somewhat reminiscent of an ornate medieval church, marble-clad walls, mosaics and bas-relief bronzes depict merry monks and carry mottos such as “don’t advertise, tell a gossip”. Begun in 1904, the décor is a forerunner to Art Noveau. It’s a real arts and crafts extravaganza with the intricacy of the work, humour of the subjects and sheer bizarreness of the whole thing making for an engaging pint.

Interesting interior...... ...... shades of The Tremeloes ...................
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City of London School [IoE 199799]
Sion College [IoE 199798] "Seven Ages of Man" by Richard Kindersley at Baynard House

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