I first visited Appledore  for a holiday in 1972 when I stayed at teh vicarage. I returned seearl times but in particular on October 13, 2001 and then April 30, 2009

Appledore is a picturesque village in North Devon. It is the home of a major shipbuilding yard and also Hink's who made the replica Golden Hinde

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Appledore from Instow

4x3 appledore.jpg (6479 bytes) 4x3 appledore acrylic.jpg (16108 bytes)
  John's acrylic painting of Appledore, bought there
Below area series of panoramas from West End back to the boatyards
Views from ............ .........and to .................Instow
Views along the Quay
Church Vicarage (where I stayed in 1972)

4x3 view from appledore churchyard.jpg (10553 bytes)

Across to Instow from the Churchyard  

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3x4 appledore alley.jpg (15495 bytes)


A narrow streets...                            ....and alleys
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