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Return to LL Cumbria Name Originals Town Visit? LL Ref. Dates Actual Location Grid Reference IoE
Appleby East .. Appleby Private Dwelling L2045 Jan 97 Sep 99 Chris Sowerby Scrap Metals East of Eden Yard, Station Road

(Just East of Appleby Station by level crossing)

N54.5769 W2.4917 .
Appleby Fair .. Appleby . L2490 Jan 02 Mar 03 Cloisters, Low Cross

bottom of Boroughgate

N54.5803 W2.4865 73616


Appleby Station Appleby Working station L3004 Jan 07 Mar 09 Appleby Station

Off Station Road, CA16 6UL

(on Settle-Carlisle Railway)

N54.5803 W2.4865 73721



Lilliput Lane's "Appleby East" is based on this house which was once part of Appleby East Station & is now part of Chris Sowerby Scrap Metals

Photo: Jan Tarrant
Lilliput Lane's "Appleby Fair" is based on various buildings around Appleby

The Cloisters [73616] and Low Cross [73617]

North Lodge to the Castle [IoE 73614]

High Cross in Boroughgate [IoE 73619]

Lilliput Lane's "Appleby Station" is based on Lilliput Lane's is based on Appleby Station, CA16 6UL which is on the Settle-Carlisle Railway   BBC Panorama




Main Building [IoE 73721] East Platform Building [IoE 73722]
Footbridge [IoE 73720] One of the lamp standards

Picture showing Appleby East from Appleby Station Water Tower
A locomotive for restoration at the Appleby Heritage Centre  
Station Clock repair  
Main Street. Moot Hall, 63-66 Boroughgate [73618] on right Appleby Castle  [IoE 73609]

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