Aldwych Station


I visited Aldwych station as part of an English Heritage tour on May 9, 2014
The entrance on Aldwych showing the original name "Strand" The other entrance in Surrey Street
The later name and remnants of the original above & below
Each station had a pictorial representation so that the illiterate knew when they had arrived (c.f. a pub sign).
The Strand one is shown on the left
The Entrance level
The booking hall is later addition)  
  Original telephone booths
In the "Ladies" there is a rare architectural feature of a "modesty screen"
The Lifts
  Note the Art Nouveau features
The floor i9ndicators Doors connected two lifts for emergency evacuation
Features of shaft construction
The "exit" passage which was never used Stalactites mark the place of water leaks
The "working" platform
This platform is used for films and TV recordings
Posters put up for the last filming.
Some features of the incomplete platforms  
The "unused" platform
At the far end is a store used in both world wars Old square insulators
The ortinal tiled "station sign"  
The tunnel planned to go on to the Thames at Temple


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